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WorkNC User Seminars Popular in Japan

Posted by: Mu Ju 2019-03-30 Comments Off on WorkNC User Seminars Popular in Japan

Japan’s most-used automatic computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) system is WorkNC. That product’s French developer, Sescoi, conducted a series of 12 WorkNC G3 seminars across Japan this September and October to demonstrate the productivity improvements its third generation of the software is able to deliver.

Nearly 400 WorkNC users attended the seminars to see how the integrated ergonomic interface and new fluid tool paths in G3, the current manifestation of WorkNC, could benefit them. The customers in attendance included representatives from a number of leading Japanese companies, such as Fuji Heavy Industries, Miyazu Seisakusho, Nissan Motor Co., Ryobi, and Toyota Motor Corp.

Seminar highlights were demonstrations of the usability of the new user interface in WorkNC G3, which combines design, analysis, programming, and verification in a single ergonomically design environment, and of tool paths that feature new algorithms for roughing and finishing and completely new routines for the 5-axis machining of impellers and blades.

The user seminars included the participation of Sescoi partners. Hitachi Tool Engineering presented the use of its environmentally conscious cutting tools in a toolmaking environment, while MST Corp. illustrated how its ultraslim shrink-fit toolholders could benefit mould makers.

“We were delighted with the response to our user seminar programme,” reports Shinsuke Iimura, Sescoi Japan’s sales manager. “These seminars were an ideal platform to demonstrate the productivity improvements delivered by WorkNC G3 and to share information about valuable technology advances.

“The feedback gathered from WorkNC users will help drive future software developments and further enhance our customer service,” Iimura adds.

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