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Market Situation

According to statistics from China Die & Mould Industry Association, since 2010, China’s mold exports have increased by more than 20% for four consecutive years. Due to weak demand in the international market, the growth rate of mold exports in 2014 fell to 9.35%.
China’s mold manufacturing industry production and sales demand forecast and transformation and upgrading analysis report data show that in the first quarter of 2015, China’s mold exports increased by 3.09% year-on-year, and the growth rate further slowed down. There has been the first “quarterly negative growth” since 2009, and market uncertainties have increased.

Mold is known as the “mother of industry”. At present, there are 30,000 mold companies in China, with an annual output value of 220 billion yuan, and an annual export of nearly 5 billion U.S. dollars. It has become a major mold manufacturing country and a major mold trading country. The continued slowdown in China’s mold export growth rate, in addition to being restricted by the international economic situation, also shows the lack of international competitiveness of the mold industry.

Since 2014, although the overall international mold market has shrunk, there is still a large demand in the high-end market represented by precision molds. However, the “self-matching rate” of China’s mid-to-high-end molds is less than 60%, which greatly restricts the development of the international high-end market.

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