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Five Gallons Bottle Cap Mould

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Sino Mould has been focusing on the technological innovation and development of packaging cap moulds. Over the past 20 years, it has developed and manufactured a wide range of bottle caps mould. Such as drinking cap mold, cosmetic cap mold, etc. Our plastic cap moulds are favored by many customers all over the world, especially the five-gallon cap moulds, which have a short molding cycle, high efficiency and high quality. And we can also help you set up the production lineCustom Design Injection Molding Line Set Up.


16-cavity five gallons cap mould information as follows:


Mould base steel: P20, HRC29-30


Core and cavity mould steel: S136, HRC48-52


Hot runner: 16 tips hot runner with Anole or Yudo brand


Ejection system: stripper, full-automatic


Cavity: 16 cavity


Cycling time: 10-12s


Mould life: 1 million under normal operation


Delivery time: 30-45 working days


Injection machine: DKM350SV


Heating system: independent temperature control, you can control the temperature more effectively.


We can provide you with a complete set of five-gallon plastic cap production line, including injection molding machine, auxiliary machine and superior service. We will recommend the most economical and reasonable solution for the five-gallon plastic cap production line according to the your requirements.


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