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Paint Bucket Mould

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Sino Mould has been committed to providing customers with high-quality plastic paint bucket molds and IML solutions, specifications from 1L, 5L to 25L. We provides customers with a series of services such as high-competitive product design, high-quality mold design, strict mold manufacturing to professional after-sales maintenance, and we can also help you set up the bucket production line—Custom Design Injection Molding Line Set Up


For paint bucket molds, our team will make precise molds based on product design, weight requirements, etc., and optimize the design from the perspective of mold structure, steel material, cooling time. The requirements of high efficiency and high speed, the final product must pass the necessary inspection requirements such as sealing water, drop, superposition, air tightness test and so on.


In the selection of mold steel materials, we choose high-quality steel materials such as P20, 718H, H13 and DIN1.2316 to meet requirements of customers. BeCu is inserted into the bottom area and the rib area along the mouth, and the needle valve hot runner is used to enter the glue to achieve efficient and rapid cooling cycle. At the same time, our plastic IML molding solution is also a special feature. From high-speed machines, IML paint bucket molds, side entry robots, conveyor belts, and other auxiliary equipment, we can achieve one-stop supply.


Sino Mould insists on making excellent products with professional mould manufacturing ability, and provides the most considerate service to customers. If you want to know more information about our plastic paint bucket mould, please feel free to contact us.


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