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Pastic Mould’s Details about Customer Visits

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We all know that a company's brand not only refers to the value of the product itself, but more importantly, its pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale services.

Customers will consider the entire marketing model of a company before purchasing a product. To a certain extent,good customer service is very important.

Sino Mould was established in 2000. After more than 20 years of exploration in the mold industry, we are committed to becoming the world leader in plastic injection molding systems. With the aim of making molding more valuable, we have won praises from a large number of domestic and foreign customers.

In the customer service, our company also attaches great importance to the customer visit phase. The following is the process for customers to visit our company.

1. Before the customer visits the factory
Customers are generally sincere when they come to visit the factory, and doing a good job of reception has become the most critical step. After confirming the customer's visit to the company, we must accurately grasp the effective information of the customer (company, name, telephone number, number of colleagues, departure and arrival time, transportation, customs and styles of various countries, and make a welcome card, etc.)kk

2. Intimate service and follow-up work of business personnel
The salesman took the initiative to call the customer, followed up and greeted him, and accompanied the driver to the area where the customer arrived in advance. At the same time, prepare samples, various promotional materials, etc.

3. The customer arrives at the factory

Arrange professionals to provide guidance. At this time, our sales engineer will also accompany customers to visit the factory, introduce the factory to the customer and answer difficult tasks.

4. After visiting the factory

After the customer visits the factory, we will ask the customer about their next plan to help do something within their capacity. Our sales will often contact the customer in order to thank the customer for their visit and to have more opportunities for cooperation.

The above is the part of our company's visits to customers. Our company welcomes friends from all over the world to visit factories, molds, etc.

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