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Plastic Bucket Mould Inspection

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Sino Mould has been specializing in injection molds for more than 20 years, and committed to providing customers with high-quality plastic paint bucket molds and IML solutions, specifications from 1L, 2L, 5L to 25L; shapes from square, round to oval, etc. And we can also help you set up the paint bucket production lineCustom Design Injection Molding Line Set Up. Based on our perfect one-stop bucket mold solution, many customers have become our loyal partners.


For plastic paint bucket molds, we will optimize the design according to product’s design, weight and other requirements, as well as mold structure, steel material, cooling time, etc., so that the mold will maximize the value during actual injection molding. And the final samples must pass the necessary inspection requirements such as sealing water, dropping, superposition, and air tightness test.


Regarding the sealing inspection, we will drop some ink in a paint bucket filled with water, seal it with a lid, put a piece of white paper underneath, and put the paint bucket upside down on the white paper for 24 hours. After 24 hours, check the paper for ink stains. According to this, the water sealability of the bucket is checked.


Regarding the drop inspection, different sizes of buckets have different test standards. At a certain angle and height, do a free fall to see if the paint bucket is broken after falling. According to this, the drop of the paint bucket is checked.


Regarding the load-bearing inspection, stack the paint buckets filled with water one after another. Generally, 10 buckets are superimposed on one paint bucket and allowed to stand for three days to see if the last bucket and the lid are deformed. According to this, the load bearing of the paint bucket is checked.


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