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How much does a turning-milling compound CNC machine cost?

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Turning and milling compound CNC machine tools have become more popular in recent years. They integrate lathe functions and milling machine functions. One machine tool can satisfy the user’s two functions. For users, they originally needed to buy two lathes, but now they only need to buy one. The cost is reduced by half. Moreover, a turning and milling machine tool takes up less space and is more convenient to manage and maintain. It can be said that it kills multiple birds with one stone. Come on. If there is a turning-milling combination with a Y-axis and a turning-milling combination without a Y-axis, the prices are different. So how much does a turning-milling compound CNC machine tool cost? CNC lathe manufacturers will take you to see:

The price of a turn-milling composite CNC machine tool ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. Different functions and fineness, different brands, and different prices also vary. So what are the factors that determine the price of a turn-milling composite machine tool?

1. Mechanical configuration

The selection of equipment is of course a major factor affecting the price of turning and milling compound CNC lathes, such as the machine body, spindle, etc. There are 12-station turret tool holders, and there are also 6-station, 8-station, and 10-station turret tool holders. There are two forms of turret tool holder layout on machine tools: one is a turret tool holder used for processing disc parts, with its rotation axis perpendicular to the spindle; the other is used for CNC Machining Cooker,shafts and discs A turret-type tool holder for parts with its axis of rotation parallel to the spindle. But what you need to pay attention to is that you cannot use the configuration of the equipment as a reference for the quality of turning and milling composite CNC lathes. Good configuration does not mean good performance. Good equipment configuration is a sufficient condition, but a good control system is a necessary condition, which will be discussed later. The focus of this paragraph is that the configuration of the turning-milling CNC lathe largely affects the price of the turning-milling CNC lathe, but it is not the main factor that determines the performance of the equipment. Turning and milling compound CNC lathe

2. CNC control system

Everyone knows that a turning and milling compound CNC lathe is assembled and welded by various parts. The quality of each part is very important, but more important is the CNC system of the equipment. If there is no accurate and stable control system to reasonably control each Regardless of the running time and operating status of each accessory unit, no matter how good the accessory is, it will cause failure due to disordered internal operation, resulting in poor performance and short service life of the equipment. Therefore, when users inquire about the price of turning and milling composite CNC lathes, many manufacturers will replace the control system of the equipment with the control that comes with the control instrument. Foshan Microcontrol has 12 years of experience in independently developing CNC systems. Compared with many on the market, Machine tool factories all buy other people’s systems and do not understand the operation and technology of the system. It is not as good as the electrical part because we have professional technology and mechanical cooperation. The lathe is naturally more stable and performs better, and the price is not expensive. .

Therefore, when choosing a supplier of turning and milling compound CNC lathes, you must conduct a comprehensive inspection of the qualifications, technical level, and after-sales service of the production company. If conditions permit, conduct an on-site inspection, which is often referred to as a factory inspection by business personnel. There is an intuitive impression of the enterprise’s production environment and delivery capabilities.

1. Try to choose production-oriented enterprises

Compared with trading companies, this can reduce the number of intermediate links, that is to say, there is no middleman to earn the price difference, and it is truly realized. Moreover, production-oriented enterprises have been engaged in production all year round, have accumulated technology, and have a group of skilled production employees, so they can guarantee production and delivery dates. Why should they guarantee delivery dates?

Because turning and milling compound CNC lathes are processing and production equipment, and they are large and medium-sized equipment. Unlike fast-moving consumer goods, customers will generate revenue and realize profits after buying them. Only by quickly applying it to production, producing products, and increasing production capacity can its value be realized. If the delivery date is delayed, it will directly affect the company’s production, causing the company to be unable to quickly put the turning and milling compound CNC lathe equipment into the processing and production process, thus affecting the company’s operating efficiency.

Tips for inspecting the strength of manufacturing enterprises: Comprehensive inspection (various certificates) from establishment time, number of employees, turnover, enterprise area, production equipment, production capacity, holdings, technology R&D team, enterprise qualifications, etc.

2. It doesn’t mean that the price is low

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for, cheap goods are not good, and good goods are not cheap. The price of the turning-milling compound CNC lathe depends on the size of the processing range and the processing accuracy and production efficiency. The price of the standard CNC lathe is based on the price of the non-standard customized CNC lathe. Secondly, product quality assurance, this is considered in terms of materials and core components. Those in the industry are imported from foreign original manufacturers, such as domestic ones, which are more expensive. For example, the controller chooses TEMI from South Korea, Kingray from Canada, and the ball screw from China, Taiwan, HIWIN/PMI linear guide from China. Taiwan HIWIN/PMI, bearings Japan NSK, couplings Germany, etc.

The cost-effective turn-milling compound CNC machine tool has the following characteristics: high stiffness, bed tilted at 30° or 45°, made of high-quality cast iron resin sand shape, compact rib plate structure, good rigidity and strong earthquake resistance. The large carriage and tool holder are tilted, which makes the operation and chip removal of the machine tool very convenient. It also occupies a small area and is very pleasant. It adopts an integral sleeve spindle, imported precision spindle bearings, and spindle servo motor drive to achieve high precision, high rigidity and speed stability. The heat sink type spindle box design is equipped with symmetrical reinforcing ribs, which can effectively reduce the temperature rise of the spindle and increase the stability of the spindle and the life of the bearing. The servo motor and the precision ball screw are directly connected through an elastic coupling, which has good force bearing and high positioning accuracy. It is equipped with a computerized automatic lubrication system to forcefully lubricate the linear guide rail and the ball screw. The X-axis and Z-axis of the turning and milling composite CNC machine tool adopt high-rigidity linear slide rails. The calculated span between the rails is low resistance, high rigidity, high precision, and the displacement speed can reach 28M/min, which improves work efficiency. efficiency, shortening processing time.

How much does a turning-milling compound CNC machine cost?Only after determining your own processing needs can you contact the manufacturer to obtain a quotation and technical plan for the turning-milling compound CNC lathe. Although the market price of turning-milling compound CNC lathes ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, the specifics still need to be determined based on your needs.

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