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PET Preform And Bottle Production

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In our daily life, we can see mineral water bottles, drinks bottles and other bottles anywhere. However do you know how to make these PET bottles?


PET bottles are made through two key steps and two different processes. The first process is to manufacture the PET preform by an injection molding machine, and the second step is to blow molding into a bottle shape by a blow molding machine. We can provide you with the entire PET preform and bottle production line solution — Custom Design Injection Molding Line Set Up.


1. PET preform-PET  injection molding machine


The PET preform is the foundation of the bottle. The weight, stretch and transparency of the preform will affect the bottle quality. Therefore, you should first determine what’s the capacity of the PET bottles (500ML, 1000ML or 2L) you want to produce. Because the volume of the bottle will also affect the thickness, weight and cycle time of the preform. In addition, most PET tube preform molds are multi-cavity designs, which can greatly improve production efficiency.


Our high-speed injection molding machine has a variety of models, which can be adapted to PET preform molds with different cavities. It has super length to diameter ratio and high plasticization rate, and has the advantages of high speed, high efficiency, high stability, and high energy saving. Machine with our tube preform mold, it can meet the requirements of high quality and high efficiency.


2. PET bottle-blowing machine


PET bottle blowing equipments are composed of blowing part and drying tunnel. Before blowing, put the PET preform into the drying tunnel for heating, then take it out and put it into the blowing machine, and blow the tube preform into the final product. Before you choose PET blowing equipment, you should confirm the neck diameter of the bottle and the hourly production capacity, so that we will provide you with the most suitable solution.


In addition, we can also provide other automatic production auxiliary equipment for tube preform injection molding, such as: drying machine, automatic loader, chiller, picking machine, conveyor belt and visual inspection system, etc., help you get started preform production quickly.


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