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Spanish Send Trade Mission to Shanghai

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A trade mission organized by AFM, the Spanish Association of Machine Tool Manufacturers, visited Shanghai, China, during the week of November 5–9. The 12 Spanish companies involved were Agme, Alecop, Danobat, Fagor Automation, Ibarmia Innovatek, Juaristi, Lan-bi, Lantek, Nicolás Correa, ONA Electro-Erosión, Trimek, and Urpemak.

During their stay in China, the firms taking part in the trade mission had an opportunity to visit China International Industry Fair 2007. Of particular interest to them were the event’s constituent trade fairs Metalworking, the cnc machine Tool Show, and the Key Technology & Equipment Show, that last of these focusing on such machine-tool user sectors as aeronautics, rail transport, and the like.

The visit to the trade fair led to meetings between the Spanish machine tool firms and interested Chinese companies from the user sectors. In connection with these meetings, the Spanish companies had occasion to witness first-hand the technological expertise of Chinese manufacturers.

The Spanish machine tool firms were able to visit both distributors and end users, not only in the Shanghai area but also in provinces in most other areas of China, including Qinghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Jilin, Yunnan, Liaoning, and Shandong. Their visits were organized with help from Spain’s trade office in Shanghai.

China was one of the fastest-growing markets for Spanish exports in 2006. Exports to the Asian giant, the sixth-leading destination of products sold by Spanish companies, rose by 91% from 2005 to 2006.

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