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Medical Protective Eyewear Production Lines

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Medical protective eyewear are glasses when we wear during exercising or working, widely used in swimming, underwater diving, experiment test…Medical protective eyewear can prevent bacteria, droplets…The purpose is to protect our eyes.

Medical protective eyewear production lines is a turnkey plastic molding line with mould, injection molding machine, auxiliary equipment China Mould offers.

China is the world famous Chinese plastic mould manufacture in Southeast of China, from 2000 a small workshop until today, China mould has a great achievements in plastic mould design and manufacturing. China has rich experience in turnkey plastic molding line. In 2020, we have launched medical protective eyewear production line. 

We have two solutions about medical protective eyewear production lines.

1. 2 cavities medical protective eyewear mould with mirror polish, DKM250SV machine with special PC screw and cylinder. Meanwhile, double-color injection molding machine is needed.

2. 4 cavities medical protective eyewear mould with mirror polish, DKM450SV machine with special PC screw and cylinder and double-color injection molding machine.

China has great confidence in medical protective eyewear production line. If you and your friends have any interests about medical protective eyewear production line, welcome to contact us. Our team will be glad to help you with your projects.

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