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Extrusion Die

Extrusion die is a kind of molding die, but its discharging method is realized through extrusion. It is widely used in aluminum special-shaped structures and also used in plastic parts. At the front end of the extruder, it is used to make pipes or profiles. In short, a mold is a tool used to shape an article. This tool is composed of various parts. Different molds are composed of different parts. It mainly realizes the processing of the shape of the article by changing the physical state of the molded material.

The extrusion die can be described with a metaphor: cut a crook-shaped hole on the bottom of the pump, block the air outlet, pull out the piston, install yellow mud in the cylinder, and plug the piston into the air to “pump up” it. Get an extruded “triangle iron”. This pump is the extrusion die. In fact, the extrusion die is similar to this one, with high strength. The powder metallurgy cemented carbide is used as the “bottom plate” and the hydraulic press is used to “pump up air”.

In industrial production, various molds and tools are used for injection molding, blow molding, extrusion, die-casting or forging forming, smelting, stamping, stretching and other methods to obtain the required products.

The Classification And Scope Of Application

Simple Classification

According to the different materials to be molded, molds can be divided into metal molds and non-metal molds. Metal molds are divided into: casting molds (non-ferrous metal die-casting, steel casting), and forging molds, etc.; non-metallic molds are also divided into: plastic molds and inorganic non-metallic molds. According to the different materials of the mold itself, the mold can be divided into: sand mold, metal mold, vacuum mold, paraffin mold and so on. Among them, with the rapid development of polymer plastics, plastic molds are closely related to people’s lives. Plastic molds can generally be divided into: injection molding molds, extrusion molding molds, gas-assisted molding molds, and so on.

Scope Of Application

  • Mass-produced non-sheet metal steel parts-cold heading, die forging, metal molds, etc.
  • Sheet metal discharge-hot rolled, cold rolled, hot coil, cold coil
  • Sheet metal processing-deep drawing, swelling, bending, punching, blanking
  • Non-ferrous metals-die casting, powder metallurgy
  • Plastic parts-injection molding, blow molding (plastic bottles), extrusion molding (pipe fittings)

Other Categories Of Molds

  • Alloy mold
  • Sheet metal mold
  • Plastic mould
  • Stamping die
  • Casting mold
  • Extrusion die
  • Die casting mold
  • Other molds

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