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Plastic Rattan Chair Mould

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More and more people have demand for plastic rattan chairs, so rattan chair molds have become a very popular item in the injection molding market. As a professional manufacturer of plastic chair molds, Sino Mould not only manufactures high-quality chair molds, but also provide you with an injection molding production line for plastic rattan chairCustom Design Injection Molding Line Set Up.


Our design teams with deep design capabilities and rich design experience. They will do analysis on rattan chair injection molding, such as parting line, cooling water way, surface polishing, air venting design, etc. After that, we will do mold flow analysis to improve the product and mold design solution.


Pay attention to the following points during mold processing, which can realize the characteristics of short cycle, high strength and smooth surface of the chair.


·The parting line should be smooth.


·Sliders, eject pin, air venting, etc. need to use reasonable structures.


·Interchangeable seat back insert design (easy to replace and save cost)


·Strict control on weight, strength and wall thickness.


·Stacking and load-bearing test (It can realize stacking several chairs without falling down; load-bearing several chairs without deformation)


During the processing, we use high-precision processing equipment, such as 3+2 CNC milling center, Sodick EDM machine, etc. Strictly control the precision of the mold, so that you will get a good mold. If you have an interest for plastic rattan chair mould, welcome to contact us.

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