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Pastic Company’s Mould Design Service

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To make a injection mold, no matter the size or difficulty, the most important thing is to have a good design. Having a good design can help save mold costs and make molds more efficient for customers.

China Company as a 20-years mold maker, we have a strong R&D team. After designing thousands of molds, we have accumulated rich design experience and accumulated technology. We can not only help optimize customers' product design and mold design, but also help customers design products and molds based on their samples or pictures.


China Company has an independent product and mold R&D department. The team members basically have more than 8 years of work experience, and some are professional product industrial designers.

Our R&D team is customer-centric and has a new purpose of serving customers wholeheartedly. In order to maximize the value of customers'use of molds, our company continues to develop and optimize mold design.

China Mold design process:

For each mold developed, a feasibility analysis will be done in the early stage of mold opening, and the designer, project manager, mold team leader and other personnel will jointly organize a meeting for discussion and review. 

The mold structure is optimized under the premise of conforming to the product function and aesthetics to ensure efficient and stable production in the later stage. 

Then send to our customer's confirmation, answer the customer's doubts, and patiently tell the customer why the mold is designed in this way, if the customer has a better suggestion, we will also take it, and finally satisfy the customer.

If we don't do feasibility analysis and review in advance, and wait until the mold is tested before discovering that the product has defects, this will not only waste time and cost, but also mean losing the opportunity to seize the market.

In short, Sino Mould does a good job of designing every mould with our heart, so that customers can rest assured.

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