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Hamburger Mold

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Hamburger molds, also called stacking molds, can greatly improve production efficiency and equipment utilization, and also can save production costs and human resources. The stack molds design requirements are much higher than ordinary molds. Sino Mould has rich experience in mold design and manufacturing to ensure product quality.


The hamburger mold can be used to produce plastic parts such as plastic cutlery, hangers, thin-walled containers, etc. Not only that, We can also provide you with an injection molding production line for these products-Custom Design Injection Molding Line Set Up.


Advantages of stacking mold:


1) Compared with the conventional mold, although the clamping force of the superimposed mold is only increased by 10% to 15%, the output can be increased by 90% to 95%;


2)Under the premise that the manufacturing requirements are the same as conventional molds basically, due to the multiple sets of cavities are combined in one mold, the mold processing time is greatly shortened;


3) The use of high-efficiency hamburger molds can double or quadruple the output of ordinary molds, which saves equipment and labor costs, and also reduces equipment footprint;


4) Save raw materials, easy to automate, improve product performance, and shorten production cycle


For plastic hanger molds, most of the production materials are PP and PS. We usually design them into 2 cavities, 4 cavities, and 8 cavities. According to the output, we will recommend 2+2, 4+4 stacking molds. For plastic cutlery, we usually design them into 8 to 48 cavities. For those with a particularly large output, we recommend stacking molds, such as 24+24, 48+48 cavities.


Kindly contact us for your interested stacking product.

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