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Star launches mid-entry level sliding-head lathe

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Star Micronics has introduced two sliding-headstock, seven-axis CNC mill-turn sliding head centres for the manufacture of turned parts up to 20mm diameter.

The traditional version with guide brush, SR-20J, is suitable for high precision machining of long, slender components, but can also produce short, complex parts Star Micronics said the lathe can be bought for 15 per cent less than the high-end SR-20RIII, and it is almost as capable.

The SR-20JN does not utilise a guide brush, which Star said results in a reduction in material costs, especially when machining short parts approaching the lathe’s maximum bar capacity.

The headstock grips the material very close to the point of machining, so the remnant is only around a quarter of the bar length that is normally involved when using conventional sliders.

High productivity is delivered by a specification that includes a 3.7kW/10,000 rev/m main spindle, 35m/min rapid feeds in all linear axes, and C-axis positioning of the main and counter spindles.

Both models have an installed weight of 2.2 tonnes.

Spindle cooling ensures thermal stability and also contributes to high precision machining.

The working area can accommodate a number of cutters and the usual six ganged turning tools above the guide brush.

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