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Delcam PartMaker CAM software aids success

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Delcam has announced that its PartMarker CAM software is helping Criterion Tool and Die to continue its success in an increasingly demanding market.

Tanya DiSalvo, president of Criterion Tool and Die, said: ‘The biggest issue in medical device manufacturing is that the components are getting more difficult to make ‘We have learned that sometimes, when you are doing product development work, the engineer doesn’t know exactly what he wants the part to look like at the end.

‘The engineers can still be tweaking the design of the part, so we are managing the chaos because we’re making products to get somebody up and running, or to ramp up a company to send the equipment out to its sales people so they can demonstrate it to the doctors.

‘All the while, they can still be making design changes, even wholesale engineering changes, not just the "wouldn’t it be nice if…" modifications.’ Further adding to the challenge is the variety of ways in which customers provide data to Criterion.

Parts come through in all sorts of formats, from faxed prints, to e-mailed PDF files, to electronic 2D drawings, or 3D solid models.

PartMaker helps in this area as it allows Criterion to either redraw parts quickly from hard-copy part prints or import geometry in a 2D or 3D format, regardless of which engineering system the customer used to create the part design.

Once the design is finalised, PartMaker’s offline programming speeds the move into production on the company’s Swiss-type lathes and other advanced equipment.

DiSalvo added: ‘Programming plays a major role because of the complex geometry that is now required.

‘Everything is blended or rounded, nothing is flat, and one feature flows into the next. Request a free brochure from Delcam …

‘That’s all a function of maths and geometry that you cannot calculate in the old-fashioned, manual way.’.

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