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AMI updates injection moulder database

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Applied Market Information (AMI) has released an update of its database of injection moulders in Central Europe.

Almost 300 new companies have been added to the database since it was last released in 2005, reflecting the rapid pace of change and growth in injection moulding in Central Europe The database provides information on 1,300 companies in Poland, Hungary and the Czech and Slovak Republics.

Information for each moulding site includes details of the polymers they mould, end use markets served, number and size of machines operated.

AMI estimates that the industry now processes nearly one million tonnes of polymer resin.

The injection moulding market in Central Europe has been driven by companies relocating injection moulding production eastwards in a bid to cut costs and improve profit, as well as by high levels of investment in domestic appliance manufacturing, automotive production and packaging.

Poland is the largest market and the AMI database lists around 640 moulders.

The market is characterised by a strong domestic appliance sector as well as significant output of automotive components and packaging.

The second largest number of moulders are found in the Czech Republic and AMI’s database lists 378.

The industry is characterised by high levels of investment in supplying the auto industry.

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