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SimpaTec Named as BTI’s European Rep

Posted by: Mu Ju 2019-03-07 Comments Off on SimpaTec Named as BTI’s European Rep

At the K Show in Düsseldorf in October, the US-based Beaumont Technologies Inc. (BTI) announced that SimpaTec Simulation & Technology Consulting GmbH of Aachen, Germany, had been appointed to represent and sell BTI’s core products—MeltFlipper®, MeltFlipper MAX™, and 5 Step Process™ advanced mould balance analysis software—in Germany, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, and the German-speaking regions of Switzerland.

In making the announcement, David Hoffman, BTI’s director of technical sales and marketing, said, “SimpaTec’s knowledge of the injection moulding process and mould design principles, coupled with their reputation as a high-level representative for Moldex3D flow simulation software from CoreTech Systems (the company that represents BTI in Taiwan, Vietnam, and Korea), makes them the ideal choice for BTI in efforts to establish a larger foothold for our products throughout Europe.”

“We view this new relationship with BTI as a perfect addition to the work of SimpaTec,” commented Cristoph Hinse, the managing director of SimpaTec. “It will be an excellent opportunity to open new doors for them, as well as for us to help the plastics industry become more efficient and profitable through their process optimization technologies.”

BTI products are being used by many European injection moulders to improve injection moulding processes and moulded parts while reducing mould qualification and lead times.

SimpaTec offers the plastics processing industry products and services relating to process and component-part optimization through simulation. The global firm is pursuing the goal of having offices throughout the European continent.

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