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BBG to Apply for EuroMold Award

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At this year’s EuroMold, BBG GmbH & Co. KG is applying for a EuroMold Award with a newly developed combination module for use in the field of photovoltaics and solar-thermal energy. The PV-Therm 160 combines the benefits of solar collectors and photovoltaic modules in a single unit that exploits solar energy for warm-water generation, heating support, and power generation simultaneously.

BBG manufactures the moulds, machinery, and plants for series production of PV-Therm combination modules.

A polyurethane (PUR) enclosure connects the trough at the lower side of the unit with the photovoltaic module, thus reinforcing the structure. Connectors incorporated in the polyurethane frame link several combination modules to each other so that the heat-transfer medium can flow through all units. Depending on requirements, this medium either has a cooling or a heating effect on the module, thus preventing performance losses due to excessive heat formation in summer or snow cover in winter. Moreover, BBG’s Solar PUR Flush technology provides for a smooth transition between the frame and the module, eliminating the edges usually found in aluminum frames that are often clogged with dirt.

The EuroMold Award, which the show’s website dubs as the “Oscar of the product development scene,” is given to three exhibiting companies each year to recognize exemplary products, services, or improvements in the field of manufacturing processes that can be classified as extraordinary.

The focus of BBG’s EuroMold exhibit in Frankfurt December 5–8 will be component development and the manufacturing of moulds, machinery, and plants for the solar industry. The company is going to present both its wide range of mould carrier systems for the polyurethane industry and its comprehensive portfolio of services related to tool and mould making. BBG shares a joint stand with other members of VDWF, the German Association of Tool and Mould Makers.

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