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Delcam Opens Services Office for Europe

Posted by: Mu Ju 2019-03-08 Comments Off on Delcam Opens Services Office for Europe

The globally eminent CAM specialist Delcam plc has opened a sales office in the Netherlands for its Professional Services Group. The new office will be responsible for promoting the group’s activities across northern Europe. It will be run by Hans Kunen.

The Delcam Professional Services Group undertakes larger consultancy projects for users of the company’s comprehensive range of CAD/CAM software, particularly those in the aerospace industry. It works with these clients to help improve their design and manufacturing processes.

Working for a variety of machine tool and cutting tool companies, Hans Kunen has acquired more than 20 years of experience in marketing, product development, and project management. A mechanical engineer, he began his career with the machine tool builder Unisign, where he supported customers across Europe, Asia, and North America. Kunen subsequently served the cutting tool companies Jabro Tools, Oude Reimer, and RobbJack by taking responsibility for technical and commercial development of the European market of each.

“The Professional Services Group has been especially successful in winning projects from the aerospace industry in the UK, both from engine manufacturers and from companies that machine aerostructures,” comments Delcam’s European business development director Clive Martell, “and we are looking to repeat that success across Europe.

“Hans Kunen has both the technical and the commercial skills needed to support our customers in their drive to improve their productivity and profitability,” Martell continues. “Equally important is that he has experience in helping all types of organizations, from small and medium-sized companies up to multinationals like Boeing and Airbus.”

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