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New CAD/CAM Milling Software Brings

Posted by: Mu Ju 2019-02-01 Comments Off on New CAD/CAM Milling Software Brings

The Mastercam® X2 Mill CAD/ CAM software module introduces significant new capabilities for milling, including numerous additional and enhanced 3D tool paths, added support for SolidWorks assembly files, and Z-oscillation. Mastercam X2 from CNC Software Inc. rounds out the high-speed suite with new Radial and Spiral finishing-tool-path styles, as well as Rest Material functionality for these paths. The latter can be calculated using a variety of tool-path strategies. Also, rib cuts have been added to the Surface Finish Flowline, Surface Rough Flowline, and 5-Axis Flowline tool paths.

Other enhancements in Mastercam X2 include Peel Milling, which delivers powerful high-speed cutting to 2D projects, moving the tool in to remove material layer by layer, and trochoidal motion in high-speed tool paths, which facilitates the machining of harder materials. Trochoidal motion maintains an acceptable tool load by allowing predictable tool contact with the material being utilized. This optimizes tool wear and reliability.

Mastercam now has the ability to bring in whole SolidWorks assembly files, in particular DLDASM files, the files that reference other part files in the overall assembly. Prior to this, it could only import individual part files.

Additional milling enhancements now available with Mastercam X2 are Z-oscillation contouring, which minimizes tool wear and is especially useful when cutting thinner or laminated materials; a scallop height calculator for automatically entering step-over values; and support for Solid Edge Version 19, AutoCAD 2007, and SolidWorks 2007.

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