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Simpoe Secures First-Round Funding

Posted by: Mu Ju 2019-02-01 Comments Off on Simpoe Secures First-Round Funding

Simpoe SAS, a French software developer specializing in plastic injection moulding simulation solutions, has completed first-round funding for its latest expansion plans. This financing round is jointly led by Ile-de-France Capital S.A. and Vauban Partenaires S.A. Simpoe will use this financing to strengthen its development team and expand marketing and sales activities.

“We are very pleased that Ile-de-France Capital and Vauban Partenaires have chosen to lead our financing,” said Alain Dubois, chief executive officer and president of Simpoe, when the conclusion of the investment round was announced. “Their investment is recognition that we have made significant progress in executing our vision of delivering mainstream plastic injection simulation software to the product development designers.

“This investment also recognizes that our business strategy, including multiple routes to market appropriate to various-sized manufacturers ranging from small and medium-sized enterprises to digital enterprises, promises to provide a significant competitive advantage and a unique value proposition to design and manufacturing communities.”

“Simpoe has shown tremendous progress over the last year,” added Thomas Galloro, chairman of Ile-de-France Capital S.A. “We believe Simpoe has the right business strategy, technology advantage, and management experience to capitalize on the growing use of plastic injection simulation tools in the product development process around the world.”

Robert Mazaud, chairman of Vauban Partenaires, explained his company’s investment choice also. “We invest in companies with an experienced management team that provide new technologies and new market vision,” he said. “We believe Simpoe SAS is well positioned to establish itself as the market leader to provide world best-in-class technology. This software [Simpoe-mold] is a unique all-in-one solution: fast, accurate, friendly, and affordable."

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