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Small Compound Machine Exhibited on EMO Hannover by Dawei

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Dawei from China exhibited its new developed small compound machine MULTUS B200 on 19th, Sept, 2007 EMO Hannover, and has begun to receive orders.

B200 belongs to the companys small compound processing machine series MULTUS. It can be used on the processing of high precision complex products, such as auto parts, oil pressure and air pressure equipment, medical equipment, etc..

B200 has introduced the ThermoFree Notion, which should be realized by the technology of simplify the hot distort, temperature uniformly distributed, and supplement for the hot detrusion  It has controlled the hot detrusion under 10μm. So the processing can be realized under nonsteady temperature environment. Because of Common compound processing machines poor temperature stability, part processes will disperse to other machines. However, B200 could gather together all these processes, and so solved the problem. In addition, the machine has been equipped with anticrash system

Main spindle and opposite main spindle have been equipped with PREX–electric motor developed by itself. Under standard specifications, inside diameter of the bearing and linking can support workpiece of 100mm and 62mm, with max rotation speed of 6000rpm. Under large diameter specifications, it can process workpieces with bearing and linking inside diameter of 120mm or 80mm at a speed of 5000rpm. Additionally, it has promoted the rotational speed of the milling machine to a standard specification 12000rpm and a high speed specification 20000rpm.

The turning ability is carbon steel S45C2.5mm2. when using mill to process workpieces with diameters of 20mm in machine tooled, it can reach efficiency of 200cm3/min. It support M20 and a pitch of 2.5 in thread processing.

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