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‘Hybrid’ Press Line Expands

Posted by: Mu Ju 2019-07-31 Comments Off on ‘Hybrid’ Press Line Expands

New and updated injection machines from Nissei Plastic Industrial Co. Ltd. in Japan (represented here by Nissei America Inc., Anaheim, Calif.) employing the company’s X-Pump technology will debut this month at the Chinaplas show in Shanghai. Nissei calls these “hybrid” presses because a variable-speed electric servo motor drives the hydraulic pump. The X-Pump reportedly uses 55% less oil and 40% less energy than a conventional hydraulic pump and valve system, and it operates on an as-needed basis rather than running continuously. These machines cost less than allelectrics and are almost as quiet, Nissei says. What’s more, they have the same direct hydraulic clamp as in the hydraulic FN series. While some new models are aimed solely at Asian markets, the following will be marketed in the U.S. after initial release in Japan: The 44-ton PNX40-2A is an upgraded horizontal model with a new controller that is said to ensure more consistent mold opening and closing, as well as new molding support software. Nissei’s 7-ton mini hydraulic machine for micro-molding now comes in an XPump-driven NPX7-1F model. Also new is a 75-ton vertical/vertical insert molder with X-Pump, called the TNX75R9V.

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