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How to estimate mold cost

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High quality injection molds include fast running cycle,long mould life,easy maintenance and safety operation.The mould design,,mould material,mould tooling machines and mould assembling is very important to make a high quality injection molds.

Usually customers would have doubt why for the same mould,different supplier quoted different price,some even have big difference.

For mould supplier China,after we got an enquiry,engineers will check the mould structure according to the original sample,pictures or drawing,estimate the mould size,mould ejection method,injection gate and so on.After we got the above information,we could calculate the mould cost according to the customer’s requirement.

mold cost include mould material cost,mould design cost,mould tooling cost,managing cost and after sales service cost.We suggest use good steel material for high quantity requirement mould.If the mould structure is complex,we need to consider more carefully for the mould tooling.

With high quality injection molds,the mould could run longer time,and it is easier for mould maintenance.The production efficiency is much higher with continuously manufacturing.We suggest do not only compare the mould price when investing a new mould,because after the mould running in customer’s factory,it would affect working much.injection mold cost estimate,Mold price difference China,high quality injection molds,high efficiency molding line,famous mould supplier China,mould after sales service

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