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Toilet Brush Holder Moulds

Posted by: chinaeye 2021-03-25 Comments Off on Toilet Brush Holder Moulds

Toilet brush holder and toilet brush projects now are getting more and more in the market with numerous designs. One month ago, Sinomould has finished making special toilet brush holder moulds for one Russian customer,it is named WC glass lux moulds.
The product design of the WC glass lux is very special, the customers were worrying that this toilet brush support moulds cannot be designed fully automatically,that means people need to take the products out of the mould manually,but because the labor cost is much in Russia, thus this customer hope that Sinomold can help them. Luckily,Sinomould is one of the best toilet brush holder molds supply China, who can offer customers product design,mould design and mould production for toilet brush moulds. Under Sino team hard working, this toilet brush holder mould finished production and testing, it can be automatic demoulding, and ready for shipment.
If you have similar project in the new year, please come to join us.

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