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Professional Refrigerator Mould In China

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Sino mould has the professional team for refrigerator moulds R&D,Manufacture and Market in China,providing all kinds of China refrigerator inner parts moulds.By the advanced refrigerator injection molding technology,we supply not only the China refrigerator moulds but the refrigerator moulding products.All we bring you is a all-around refrigerator moulds sales service and to make you satisfied.

Sino mould is the famous refrigerator moulds maker in China,we have the professional designer to provide the surpassingly accurata  refrigerator moulds drawing,we have the strict QC staff team to assure the quality of the refrigerator moulds, and we have the super sales work team to provide refrigerator moulding service and follow-up service after sales. What we do is to offer one-step service which makes sure every process of the refrigerator mould making is perfect and meet the customer’s requirements. From the time of company founded, we have sold nearly 100 sets of refrigerator moulds from China to the worldwide, like Mexico, Iran, Spain. We can do the refrigerator door adornment mould, refrigerator head cover mold, refrigerator base mould, refrigerator inner parts mould, refrigerator door handle mould, ice box mould and storage battery mould in China. Also we can use hard chrome plating on the refrigerator handle mould in China.The steel material of information is always DIN 1.2738 or DIN1. 2311,China refrigerator mould injection system is 4 points ANOLE pin-point gate, refrigerator mould injection cycle time is 45 seconds ,and delivery time of refrigerator mould is 80 days.

If you want a perfect refrigerator mould China with the most particular information and want to get every process about the China refrigerator mould making,we can do that for you,we are the perfect refrigerator mould maker China,famous refrigerator inner parts  moulding manufacture  and use the higher refrigerator moulding technology and provide the super refrigerator mould service in China.

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