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Enhanced Purge Compound

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An enhanced version of a low-residue, low-temperature physical purging agent is said to offer 20% better cleaning power than the previous version. Improved Asaclean E from Asaclean-Sun Plastech Inc., Parsippany, N.J., is also said to leave 25% less residue than the older Asaclean E. In a recent trial with a change from red to clear acrylic on a 160-ton injection machine at 482 F, 1.8 lb of the new E grade was required for the changeover vs. 2.2 lb of the former version. Level of residue formation was tested by comparing how much clear resin was needed to displace the purging compound. It took 3.3 lb of clear resin to displace the new E grade vs. 4.4 lb to displace the old version. (800) 787-4348 • www.asacleanmold.wiki
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