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Custom Compounds With Carbon Nanotubes

Posted by: Mu Ju 2019-11-21 Comments Off on Custom Compounds With Carbon Nanotubes

A Japanese maker of injection presses has started a material compounding service to provide thermoplastics enhanced with carbon nanotubes. Voltiga CNT materials and compounding service were announced recently by Nissei Plastic Industrial Co. Ltd. (parent of Nissei America Inc., Anaheim, Calif.). Nissei typically compounds 5% to 10% of CNT with thermoplastics to provide conductivity, lubricity, and/or high strength. Nissei has developed seven Voltiga CNT compounds and plans to compound up to 220,000 lb/yr to start. Nissei will work with any resin and has tested PP, acetal, PC, nylon 6, nylon 12, PPA, LCP, ABS, PPE, and PET. At the recent Chinaplas show, Nissei displayed a Voltiga PC antistatic chip-carrier tray. (714) 693-3000 • www.nisseiamericamold.wiki
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