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What Machine Tools Can Do for Auto Parts Industry in China

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Auto parts industry is developing at its high peak
China is now the world’s third largest automotive producer and second largest consumer. As predicted, by 2010, the total number of automotive in China will reach 62 million units; by 2020, China’s domestic demand for automotive is expected to reach more than 20 million units, thus surpassing the United States as the world’s largest automotive consumer. With the rapid development of China’s automotive industry, auto parts industries have also achieved a sustained and rapid growth. By 2010, the total output value of China’s auto parts industry is expected to reach 1.3 trillion Yuan.
The latest statistic data shows that auto parts industry is accounting for 35-36% of the whole automotive industry. This industry is going to go through a high speed of development at the state “11th Five-Year Plan” period.

The development of automotive compliments the development of machine tool industry
Auto parts industry is the main user of CNC machines. In resent years, a large number of equipments were provided for the auto parts industry, with the rapid development of domestic cnc machine tools. About 75% of global auto parts manufacturers have settled down here in China. Over 5000 medium or large sized auto parts makers nationwide have developed their business domestically and globally. The industrialization of CNC machine tool industry provides a strong support for the development of China’s auto parts and TFT become star industries and drive the development of CNC machine tools.
The era of integration of machine tool groups is looming. EASTPO will spare no effort to provide high quality machine tool equipment for automotive industry with integrated industrial chain. The 10th edition of Shanghai International Machine Tool Fair (EASTPO 2008) is going to take place again from 9-12 July, 2008 at Shanghai New International.

EASTPO is integrating its industrial chain to invite professional buyers
Expo Center (SNIEC). By then, the world’s most famous machine tool makers, such as Spinner, DMG, Mazark, Mitsubishi, Citizen, Haas, Hardinge, HERMLE, AMADA, Doosan-Daewoo, MAG etc. and domestic brand, such as Shanghai Electric Group, Shenyang Machine Tool Group, Hangzhou Machine Tool Group etc. will meet again at EASTPO to showcase their state of art products.
Apart from inviting machine tool makers, EASTPO made great effort to invite professional visitors as well across the automotive industry. Active contact with automotive industry association is made to invite their member exhibit at EASTPO 2008 and achieve the goal of seamless connection between exhibitors and buyers at this one-stop platform.
Wit 10 years of accumulation, EASTPO has collected a data base of 600,000 to invite buyers at home and abroad for exhibitors. Given this, new opportunities for business is created.

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