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The “Olympics” in the Machine Tool Expo Industry Is Set for 2008

Posted by: Mu Ju 2019-06-12 Comments Off on The “Olympics” in the Machine Tool Expo Industry Is Set for 2008

In 2008, the Beijing Olympics which has attracted worldwide attention will welcome its grand opening in Beijing, China. Meanwhile, to comply with the flourish demand of machine tool market, machine tool industry will have two major events: EASTPO 2008 and CCMT; One is located in the south-Shanghai; another is located in the north-Beijing. These two events will provide an important opportunity of further promoting of the rapid development of China’s machine tool industry. In the machine tool industry, the prestigious CIMT is held at odd number years in Beijing and its "sister show"–CCMT is held at even number years. Since 2000, CCMT has been held for 4 editions in Shanghai. In 2008, it will be formally moved to Beijing and its theme will be "showcase results of independent innovation and promote the implementation of major projects." From 9-12 July, 2008, another event in the machine tool industry-10th Shanghai International Machine Tool Fair (EASTPO 2008) will be held at China’s economic, financial and manufacturing center-Shanghai. EASTPO 2008 will not only provide the opportunity for manufacturers all over the world to showcase their latest products and cutting-edge technologies, but also a chance for them to develop business in China. Since 1999, EASTPO has been successfully held for 9 years with the vision of making it a cost-effective trade show. Through the operation of market mechanism, EASTPO won worldwide attention in the industry. The theme of EASTPO 2008 will be "Build a most cost-effective trading platform for world’s machine tool makers". It will be a convenient access for overseas makers into China’s market and a tunnel for Chinese makers to the overseas arena. During EASTPO 2007, many machine tool associations around the world and enterprises visited the fair with great interests in its on-site results and ten years of history. Therefore, overseas recruitment is going very well from the very beginning. Up till the late September, a number of countries are participating actively to organize country pavilions, such as Korea, Germany, and India. More negotiations are undergoing regarding the cooperation. By them, a number of top brand machine tool manufacturers will present at the 100,000 sqm floor. In 2008, athletes around the world will compete at the arena of Olympics, while CCMT and EASTPO 2008 will provide meeting points for machine tool makers to meet customers. It is a great opportunity you can not miss.

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