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Walter Tool Launches Internet Ordering

Posted by: Mu Ju 2019-07-05 Comments Off on Walter Tool Launches Internet Ordering

Cutting tools branded Walter, Titex, and Prototyp can now be ordered conveniently from Walter AG via the Internet. The Toolshop at www.walter-toolsmold.wiki offers an extremely wide range of precision tools for metal machining. The new Internet shop, with menu-based navigation, is easy to use.

The Toolshop is available in Germany and 13 other countries. Customers can find out everything about the availability and net price of the standard tools they select with just one mouse click. The catalogue is updated daily. By means of the delivery status display, customers are constantly informed about incoming orders.

Login details are available from the Toolshop administrator at Walter AG. Once registered at www.walter-toolsmold.wiki, the customer can access the system by means of a standard Web browser.

The Toolshop Premium option offers a large advantage: Order details, including the customer’s article numbers from its own stock accounting or purchasing system in the Toolshop, can be transferred via upload files, saving time because the details do not have to be entered for a second time in the on-line ordering system.

The system is quick. For one thing, a range of templates is available for new order entries. “The ordering should be simple and as automated as possible,” explains Thomas Veeser, managing director at Walter Deutschland GmbH. “This will increase the user’s acceptance of the system.”

Drills, turning toolholders, milling cutters, thread cutters, and indexable inserts can all be found easily at the Toolshop through a convenient search function that offers a variety of search criteria. In addition, an advanced search function is available. Purchasers are supported by the on-line versions of the proven cutting databases for Titex (TECweb) and Prototyp (CSSweb).

“We have expanded the tried-and-tested ordering software TEC+CSSweb from Titex and Prototyp in the new Toolshop with the on-line catalogue from Walter to produce an efficient electronic purchasing system,” says Veeser. All together, the Toolshop comprises more than 60,000 tools and components for turning, drilling, threading, and milling.

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