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Valve-Gate Nozzles Now Have Internal Mixer

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UltraFlow hot-runner nozzles that have an internal mixing system that speeds color changes are now available in valve-gate designs (as well as earlier hot-tip versions) from Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd., Bolton, Ont. Other news from Husky includes a Long Fiber hot-runner system designed to maximize glass length in structural parts; a redesigned Ultra 750 valve gate with more cooling on the tip and a more sharply angled tip—both designed for engineering materials; and a high-pressure Ultra 500 valve-gate nozzle designed for small, thin-wall parts that require injection pressures up to 43,000 psi as well as tight pitch spacing. Its bore diam. is less than 24 mm. Husky also added high-cavitation configurations to its Pronto hot-runner systems for closures, which are hot halves fully configurable online for quick delivery. The system has been expanded from an 8-drop maximum up to 96 drops. Husky also introduced synchronized valve-stem capability for its Ultra 350, 500, and 750 nozzles, using a plate actuator driven by a cam and an electric servo motor, suiting it to medical applications. Use of ball bearings for the moving components is said to reduce wear. Also new is a six-zone, mold-mount version of Husky’s Altanium hot-runner controller, which eliminates power and thermocouple cables that are easily damaged (and also reduces cost).

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