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UK Midlands manufacturing technologies focused

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The Midlands Manufacturing Technology Show 2008 provides an opportunity to check up on the very latest technologies, components and processes available locally in the UK’s Midlands area

The UK’s Midlands Manufacturing Technology Show runs during March 18-19, 2008, at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry. The show will cover latest technologies, components and processes available locally in the Midlands area. The Midlands show draws a high proportion of visitors from the aerospace and automotive industries.

The last show in in 2007 drew 28% and 39% of visitors from automotive and aerospace respectively.

Phil Valentine, managing director of European Trade and Exhibition Services (ETES), said: ‘These two very different markets are fundamental to the success of engineering manufacturing in the UK.

Midlands Manufacturing in its Coventry venue is ideally placed to serve both’.

While the needs of aerospace, with its demand for low-volume but complex components, and the high-volume, price-conscious automotive industry might appear different, both demand high precision and rapid response to fluctuations in demand, said ETES to manufacturingtalk.

Midlands engineering SMEs provide this flexibile and highly- skilled engineering capacity, and the Midlands Manufacturing show provides a unique marketplace for those companies to promote their services.

Entry to the Midlands Manufacturing Show is free, and includes entry to the comprehensive seminar programme running over both days of the show.

Topics examined at this year’s event include the following.

* Kaizen/Six Sigma.

* Achieving success in the automotive and aerospace sectors.

* Lean Manufacturing.

* Innovation and Knowledge-Based Engineering.

Midlands Manufacturng Technology is just one of a stable of highly successful regional industrial events, which includes Southern Manufacturing and North West Manufacturing in the UK and Manufacturing Technology Ireland.

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