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Independent R&D in Mould Industry, China Manufacture Industry turns to be changed

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      As products made in China encounter rejections in world market, and traditional advantages of China’s manufacturing industry having been imitated by Latin American countries, China can’t base its advantages on cheap labours and raw material any more, for the low profit. Gradually, Chinese enterprises are turning their attentions to creativity. “master the key tech, never stop the exploring of new products, drop low market competition and explore high market. These are the key element for the success of an enterprise.” Said Ye Lin, general manager of CHONGQING RICHLAND MOULD CORP.

Mould, which bears the name of Mother of Mordern Industry, has been widely used in all industrial areas. So when Mr. Ye Lin lefted Bank of China and started his own business, he decided to do export & import business of mould. He said, “Having been in this area for so long a time that I have got full understanding about the tech, the manufacturing and the market. In order to meet higher demands and keep up with market development, we begin to provide ODM processing for customers.” At the very beginning, Richland’s oversea market started from under developed countries in Mid-east and Africa. However, they benefit very little while experience fierce competition. If keep on in the statement, it will be eliminated. Realizing this, Richland walked out from the competion in low-end market, and set up its own R&D team. By offering products for high-end market, Richland entered high-end market gradually.

“Starts from simply trade to ODM processing, and to independent R&D at present, our every improvement is made according to the market demands. However, a good promotion platform is needed so that we can make accurate prediction.” When talking about promotions on B2B, he mentioned that there were four or five platforms in his mind, and he chose made-in-china finally after carefully study and analysis. He said, “ e-commerce plays very import role in the promotion of an enterprise’s fame and influence. And made-in-china has great influence on market switch of Richland from low-end market in Mid-east to high-end market in developed countries.”

On made in China issue, Lin Jian, NPC deputy and vice chairman of China Enterprise Management Research, has said, “without innovation, manufacture will not live long.” Based on new products development, Richland can provide customers with personality mould design and relevant products production. The design and manufacture of golf round cover for American customer and green plastic moulds and products for Britain customer have been a great success, and have been taken as excellent case by made-in-china.

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