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Turnkey Multi-Shot Systems From New Partnership

Posted by: Mu Ju 2019-04-18 Comments Off on Turnkey Multi-Shot Systems From New Partnership

A partnership to provide complete integrated production systems for multi-material molding was announced recently between Gram Technology Inc., Scottsdale, Ariz., and MGS Mfg. Group Inc., Germantown, Wis. Gram Technology offers its Spin Stack customized tooling systems for multi-material molding and in-mold assembly. MGS offers a line of specialty manufacturing equipment, including rotary platens, horizontal and vertical auxiliary injection units, mold-vacuum units, and multi-shot tooling systems. The two firms will now combine their experience in multi-shot molding to provide customers with integrated production systems from prototype through production tooling and specialty equipment. The two companies are currently collaborating on their first four-component system. Gram: (480) 567-6465/www.gramtechnologymold.wiki • MGS: (262) 255-5790/ www.mgstechmold.wiki


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