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‘Tour de Alufix’: Horst Witte on the Road

Posted by: Mu Ju 2019-02-16 Comments Off on ‘Tour de Alufix’: Horst Witte on the Road

For the past three months, the demo van of Horst Witte Barskamp Gerätebau e.K has been on the road in Europe. The vehicle is equipped with all the necessary components for introducing the company’s Alufix modular fixturing system to customers by demonstrating it at their production sites. The Alufix system is used mostly for assembling all types and sizes of fixtures in quality control departments.

Prospective users can see a fixture built at their own plant for their own parts and then judge for themselves the range of application possibilities available. Witte also wants them to see how easy the modular system is to use. Using this approach, the Alufix manufacturer offers QC staff an opportunity to check out the system’s advantages in precision, repeatability, and speed at their convenience.

Demos are carried out by experienced Witte staff or company agents. The van is available to them or to customers for demo tours on request.

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