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Europe Gets a New Name in Cutting Tools

Posted by: Mu Ju 2019-02-17 Comments Off on Europe Gets a New Name in Cutting Tools

It has been more than two years since the American manufacturer Valenite and the French company Safety SAS merged in order to attain a competitive size in the cutting tools sector and be able to offer customers worldwide coverage. The latest result of this merger has been a blending of the two brands into one new logo. In Europe, this will be ValeniteSafety, the names joined to symbolize the union and indicate respect for the two individually known brands. Outside Europe, the brand name remains Valenite.

Pascal Monpetit, president of the new entity, says, “Thanks to these joint efforts and resources, we were able to launch new grades for steel, stainless, and cast iron turning, resulting in an increase in our turning product range of 40%. We are also currently developing new milling cutters.”

Among other innovations, ValeniteSafety is introducing VP2003 into the market. This is a new submicrograin cutting grade specifically developed for the mould and die market.

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