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Studer Announces Second Award Competition

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 A leading innovator in the technology of cylindrical grinding, and also a driving force in that market, Fritz Studer AG instituted a research prize several years ago. The Fritz Studer Award will be presented for the second time this coming May. The company has announced that submissions are now being accepted for the 2008 award.

The aim of any work that is submitted for consideration should be to promote and strengthen developments in the machine industry by means of innovative approaches. Participation in this competition of ideas, according to Studer, will give young researchers a platform for developing their creative solutions.

For the competition, the sponsor is looking for thesis and research results that present innovative machine concepts or components, alternative mechanical engineering materials, simulation models of dynamic and thermal machine tool behaviour, machine tool control and sensor concepts, or new or improved manufacturing technologies, especially in hard-fine machining methods such as grinding and hard turning.

The Studer research award is targeted at holders of an engineering degree from any European university or institute of technology. All school graduates whose thesis contained scientific or research-based topics and who can demonstrate their research skills and capabilities may participate in the competition.

Work that is submitted by January 12, 2008, will be assessed and valuated by a prize jury whose members are Prof. Dr.-Ing. Konrad Wegener, director of the Institute of Machine Tools and Manufacturing, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETHZ); Dr.-Ing. Dirk Friedrich, manager of innovations and acquisition at Körber AG; and Dr.-Ing. Frank Fiebelkorn, manager of research and technology for Fritz Studer AG.

Criteria for evaluation are more than just how research findings may be industrialized, but include also the innovation and idea behind the research work, the scientific content, and the form and accuracy of the statements in the presentation.

The Fritz Studer Award 2008 will be presented to the winner at the international Schleifring Grinding Symposium, which takes place May 6–8, 2009. In addition to the award and a certificate, the winner takes home CHF 10,000 (about €6,000) in prize money.

The Fritz Studer Award 2005 was awarded to Dr. Christoph Zeppenfeld from the WZL at RWTH Aachen.

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