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Charlyrobot Now Part of Mécanuméric

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Charlyrobot, the French manufacturer of milling machines for light modelling and prototyping materials and for use in education, is now part of the Mécanuméric S.A. group. This group, also headquartered in France, also comprises the industrial companies Mécanuméric, a maker of heavy 3- and 5-axis milling equipment and machines for laser cutting and marking, thermoforming, and bake treatment, and ICT Technologie, which designs custom thermoforming and baking solutions and provides specialized technical support.

Management of Charlyrobot has been taken over by Arthur Païs, who is now its CEO as well as CEO of Mécanuméric.

Synergies between Charlyrobot and Mécanuméric fall into both commercial and technical categories. First, the acquisition of Charlyrobot enables Mécanuméric to expand its range into applications calling for lighter-weight equipment not requiring large financial investment or the sophisticated skill set that Mécanuméric’s machines demand. These customers include engineering and design departments, prototyping bureaus, and educational and training establishments. The accessibility of Charlyrobot products to operators without thorough qualifications is illustrated by the fact that several thousand Charlyrobot machines are used in secondary schools by children 12 to 16 years old.

Pooling their staff capabilities, subsidiaries, distributors, and customer technical support, Mécanuméric and Charlyrobot expect to be able to improve customer response and after-sale follow-up.

On the technical side of the equation, the companies expect to jointly develop products, the complementarity of their design teams increasing overall creativity. Also, Mécanuméric’s considerable production capacity will cut down Charlyrobot’s use of subcontractors and raise quality levels by reducing production costs and delivery time. Centralization of industrial purchasing and growth in production volumes should make both firms more competitive.

Arthur Païs intends to position the Charlyrobot brand within the Mécanuméric offering as representing a line of “easy-to-use 2D and 3D cutting-edge milling machines at affordable prices.” The four Charlyrobot milling machine lines enables the group to offer standard machines in formats ranging from 310 x 220 mm to 6,100 x 2,100 mm, he says, as well as customized products, since “Charlyrobot designs and develops the related mechanics, electronics, and CAD/CAM software.

“Another strength,” Païs concludes, “is that the products are open and can be piloted by other CAM software.”

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