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Stretch-Blow Molders Provide Higher Output

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New all-electric stretch-blow molding machines from W. Amsler Equipment Inc., Richmond Hill, Ont., provide greater output and increased flexibility in production of PET water bottles. These linear models include the L51.5, a 5-cavity unit that makes bottles from 50 cc to 1.5L at up to 8500 bottles/hr. The L61.5 is a 6-cavity unit for up to 10,000 bottles/hr. Both machines are said to offer energy savings of 35%, a compact footprint, and simple mold changes. Amsler’s new L120 linear convertible stretch-blower has one to three cavities for water containers from 2L to 22L. A single-cavity unit makes 18.5L refillable bottles at about 250/hr. Semi-automatic L120 Basic version has a single cavity for up to 20L bottles.
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