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CIFIT again set for trade promotion

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The annual China International Fair for Investment and Trade (CIFIT), a famed global trade and business matchmaking forum, is set for September 8-11 this year in Xiamen of Fujian province.

The fair, launched in 1997 in Xiamen, promotes two-way investment between Chinese and overseas companies through exhibitions, projects and negotiations. It also invites foreign governments, agencies and industrial guilds to offer their own investment projects.

In recent years CIFIT has also promoted Chinese investment in other developing countries.

As China’s largest investment promotion event, CIFIT has created new channels for international investment.

One of its primary tasks is to continue promoting China’s opening to the outside world.

According to statistics, the 11 CIFIT events to date have drawn representatives and companies from 144 countries and regions and attracted more than 100,000 overseas participants.

At a conference last year United Nations Secretary General for Trade and Development Supachai Panitchpakdi said "over the past 10 years, CIFIT has made great achievements, especially in recent sessions".

The number of overseas merchants at CIFIT continues to rise as more and more businessmen from around the world share the opportunity, Panitchpakdi said.

‘It’s very international’

An official with the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development also said CIFIT is already very international and is an important platform for promoting international investment.

To implement the central government’s plans for a "go-west campaign" and "rise of Central China strategy" in recent years, CIFIT focused on those regions.

The fair has also sharply increased cross-Straits economic and trade exchanges and cooperation.

According to statistics, a total of 90 Taiwan business groups attended the 11th CIFIT along with 4,100 Taiwanese participants.

The event held activities to promote cross-Straits economic and trade cooperation and tourism, and housed a Taiwan pavilion.

The event has improved China’s international image for seeking peaceful development and being a responsible player.

Moreover, the annual CIFIT attracts a large number of international leaders, renowned scholars and presidents of multinational companies.

Participants also said the fair showcased China’s consumer market potential and increasingly improved investment environment.
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