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SPE Sets First Conference on Medical Polymers

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The Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) is organizing the European Medical Polymers Conference 2008 for presentation at Queen’s University Belfast in the capital city of Northern Ireland, UK, on September 2–4. The event will take place specifically in the Polymer Processing and Medical Polymer Research Centres on the university campus.

This is the first conference sponsored by the new European Medical Polymers Division of SPE. The promotional brochure issued by the division suggests that the 2008 event is planned as the inauguration of a series.

In keeping with the aims and objectives of SPE, the conference will focus on technical issues associated with the processing and performance of polymers used in medical device applications. The growing medical device industry, in Europe and worldwide, is employing a larger range of polymers, copolymers, and polymer blends than ever before. These materials play an important role in device design, function, and reliability and also raise issues of processibility.

The European Medical Polymers Conference consists of a number of technical sessions running concurrently. Attending delegates select the sessions of greatest interest to them. All attendees will receive a full conference proceedings when they register.

Six sessions of technical presentations, with lineups of four to nine speakers, are set for Wednesday and Thursday, the 3rd and 4th of September. The topics are Polymers in Medical Devices, Processing in Medical Devices, Biomedical Engineering, Materials in Medical Device Packaging, Assembly of Medical Devices, and Sterilization and Additives. The first four of these sessions include talks that address technical plastics-processing questions.

A Welcome Reception is open to conference participants the evening of September 2 at the university, and the Conference Dinner takes place the following evening at the Ramada Belfast Hotel.

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