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Small weathering chambers test materials

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Unitemp has introduced a range of low cost test chambers for the simulation of primarily of weather exposure on materials, plastics and metals

This innovative range is manufactured by the Italian Cofomegra group, which claimed that its products are the first small testing chambers to allow simulation and control of all weathering parameters. Designated the SOLARBOXe R H range, it consists of two models, the 1500e RH and the 3000e RH.

They incorporate a xenon light system for accelerated sun exposure, with a built in UV sensor and BST thermometer sensor.

In the base two water tanks are installed, one is for the humidifier and the other for the flooding system.

Both have a capacity of 50 litres of demineralised water to ensure nearly continuous working.

A broad based irradiance control sensor ensures constant irradiance for the life cycle of the lamp, with a complete range of UV filters to match sunlight conditions outdoors and through glass (indoors).

Included are accurate controlled and monitored temperature with relative humidity over a period of time with a sample flooding system for cyclic sample immersion.

An easy to use eye level control panel with LCD display is included with the latest microprocessor control.

At all times the temperature range of up to 100 deg C and the relative humidity can be controlled and displayed.

Free software is provided for 15 programs, and an R S 232 interface allows printout of the test report.

The frame is constructed with steel, whilst the sample holder is of stainless steel.

The 1500e measures 810 x 550 x 1600mm and weighs 100kg with an exposure area of 280 x 200mm.

The 3000e measures 950 x 550 x 1600mm and weighs 125Kg with an exposure area 420 x 200mm.

Options include various non aging soda lime U.V.

filters, and XEN 32 software for report / maintenance level.

This range complements Unitemp’s extensive range of test and monitoring chambers and ovens, and they have the expertise to provide ‘specials’ to customer requirements.

This versatile range can also be used for paints, textiles, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, building materials, electronic / electrical / automotive components.

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