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Motorised system checks packaging products

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A Mecmesin motorised ‘entry level’ test system, combined with a digital force gauge, evaluates quality control parameters of packaging products in tension and compression

Leading force and torque test solutions manufacturer, Mecmesin, will show its prototype MultiTest-d test system at Interpack on stand 5C01-1, April 24-30, 2008. The MultiTest-d, when combined with a digital force gauge, will form an ideal entry-level motorised test system for evaluating quality control parameters of packaging products in tension and compression.

The ‘entry level’ system has the robust high quality design of the existing MultiTest motorised test range and offers users a cost-effective measurement systems.

System benefits include the following.

* Improved potentiometer control enabling greater precision and fine-tuning of critical test variables such as speed.

* The addition of displacement as a test measurement parameter.

* Enlarged LCD screen offering clear and comprehensive test settings and result information.

One of the most significant advantages of the new system is the ability to run continuous test cycles.

Users wanting to run multiple tests on a sample and requiring minimal set-up time can now automate them to run continuously.

The system is therefore an ideal solution, said Mecmesin to manufac turingtalkmold.wiki, for performin repetitive tests to assess the stress properties of packaging products.

The expansion of the data-transfer capabilities means that quality managers can now rely on the new MultiTest-d to plot the graph of force and deflection to analyse essential physical parameters such as co-efficient of friction, peeling forces and tensile strength.

Visitors to the Mecmesin stand will be able to see first hand the improvements and benefits of using this advanced motorised test system in a day-to-day working environment before its official launch in June.

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