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Simultaneous Film Stretching at Lower Cost

Posted by: Mu Ju 2019-04-21 Comments Off on Simultaneous Film Stretching at Lower Cost

The first full-scale line for MESIM (mechanical simultaneous stretching) has been built by DMT Technology GmbH in Salzburg, Austria, and is available for customer trials. DMT, whose U.S. office (DMT Americas) is in Alexandria, Va., says the patented technology (U.S. Patent Applic. 20060180437) will cost about the same as a conventional sequential biaxial stretching line that combines heated rolls and tracks. MESIM, however, requires no rolls, but stretches in two directions at once with continuous chains that run on two parallel tracks. By adjusting the distance between the two tracks, MESIM can adjust MD and TD stretch ratios independently. The test system runs up to 6 m wide and at up to 350 m/min. DMT announced its first two commercial orders at the K 2007 show in Germany last month. Tel: (703) 519-0007 . www.dmt-biaxmold.wiki

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