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Bimetallic Barrel Gets Helical Grooves

Posted by: Mu Ju 2019-04-21 Comments Off on Bimetallic Barrel Gets Helical Grooves

Plasticating systems expert Dr. Eberhard Gruenschloss of the IKT University in Stuttgart, Germany, recently developed the first helically grooved bimetallic barrels for abrasive materials. He invented the Helibar process for high-output extrusion, which combines fully grooved barrels with a barrier screw. That process was licensed to extruder maker Extrudex in Muhlacker, Germany. Extrudex gets its fully grooved barrels from Helix Weinbrenner GmbH in Waiblingen, Germany, the only company in the world that can cut helical or axial grooves extending up to 4 meters along the inside of an extruder barrel. Helix attracted considerable attention by showing a fully grooved barrel for the first time at the recent K 2007 show in Dusseldorf. Helix: +49 (7151) 593 54/www.helix-products.de . Extrudex: +49 (7041) 9625-0/www.extrudex.de

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