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Siemens steps up green goal

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Europe’s largest engineering company Siemens said its environmental portfolio would generate order intake of 4 billion euros in China in 2010.

This equates to 40 percent of the company’s total orders in China for 2010, said Richard Hausmann, president and CEO of Siemens China.

"More than half of our 1 billion euro mid-term investment in China until 2010 will go into energy-saving and environmentally friendly technologies and solutions," said Hausmann.

He earlier said over 50 percent of the future growth of Siemens China would be related to green technology.

Now the company’s environmental portfolio includes solutions for nearly every environmentally relevant field of power generation, transmission and consumption, buildings, lighting, transportation and industry, as well as environmental technologies such as water purification and air pollution controls, said Hausmann.

The Munich-based company earlier announced that it is to reorganize its businesses into three sectors – industry, energy and healthcare. The energy business covers fossil power generation, renewable energy, oil and gas, energy service, power transmission and power distribution.

In fiscal year 2007, sales and new orders of Siemens China increased by 21 percent to 53.3 billion yuan and 60.7 billion yuan respectively.

Today Siemens has more than 90 operating companies and 60 regional offices across China. In fiscal year 2007, it added 7,000 staff members to its local operations, making it one of the largest foreign-invested enterprises in the country, with over 40,000 employees.

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