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LMT Opens Innovation and Training Centre

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LMT—the Leitz Metalworking Technology Group—has opened a new innovation and training centre at the plant of its Fette subsidiary in Schwarzenbek, Germany. The new facility offers users of tool technology and pharmaceutical tableting presses extensive opportunities to test and improve tools and machinery under production conditions.

“Innovative tools are simultaneously tools of innovation,” remarked LMT managing director Michael Heinrich at the official opening of the centre. “Here in Schwarzenbek we want to create yet another location within the group where experts can meet and discuss machines, tools, materials, and processes, and jointly develop new solutions for industrial production through collaborative research and experimentation.”

The new innovation centre is part of a global network that links the corporate headquarters in Oberkochen with all the LMT technology and service centres in key markets.

In the tool technology area of the Schwarzenbek centre, five modern processing centres are available for users of any LMT cutting tools to observe and test them all under real-world conditions. The central focus is on the permanent trial and further development of tools for diverse processing procedures and materials.

Since innovations in the tool sector affect not only a particular application but the entire process, LMT has equipped the innovation centre with appropriate peripherals. The equipment found there covers the entire tool deployment process chain in modern production systems, and ranges from clamping systems and tool measuring and adjustment devices to automated tool dispensing systems.

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