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Rofin Laser Wins iF Design Award at CeBIT

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The lasers of the DQ series manufactured by Rofin-Sinar Laser GmbH were awarded the coveted iF Design Award at the recent CeBIT information technology trade fair in Hannover, Germany. More than 2,700 products from 35 countries were asked to be considered for the prestigious award whose recipients are determined by an international jury of experts.

The high-powered, Q-switched solid-state lasers of the DQ series, introduced to the market less than a year ago, offer new possibilities for industrial surface treatment. They can be used for ablating the metallic coatings of tailored blanks, for edge-isolating solar cells, for processing flat screens, and for activating surfaces.

The appearance of the DQ laser was created by Teams Design from Hamburg. Its clean design accentuates the laser’s innovative technical characteristics and conveys a sense of precision and quality. The horizontal shaping suggests the direction of the generated laser beam, which is also highlighted by a fine red line on the housing. These key design elements influenced the judging panel, which considered such criteria as design quality, choice of material, and brand value.

“We are very pleased, not only that we fulfill the technical needs of our customers, but also that we could again demonstrate that machine construction and design can complement each other,” said Thorsten Frauenpreiß, managing director of Rofin-Sinar Laser, in reaction to receiving the award.

Since its successful market introduction in June 2007, the DQ-series laser has proved to be a multifaceted tool capable of tackling an array of tasks in distinct industrial sectors. First used for cleaning railroad tracks from a running train, the laser quickly found new application in processing displays and solar cells in electronics industry cleanrooms.

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